The name SMTI stands for Supernatural Ministries Training Institute, and it is taught by Dr. Mark T. Barclay via DVD in a classroom setting. SMTI has proven to effectively revolutionize churches and personal ministries. Our objective is to fortify supernatural churches and to aid pastors who desire a strong ministry of helps and excellence in the performance of their working staff. Our emphasis is to provide high-quality training in a condensed format so that students can live at home, keep their job, and stay in their local church.

By offering different tuition and training options as well as locations throughout the world, SMTI makes a college-level standard of Bible education affordable and easily accessible to the multitude of believers who are seriously pursuing excellence in ministry.

SMTI’s curriculum includes three different courses of study. Each course is designed to be completed in a nine-month period (30 weeks of teaching). All classes are taught by Dr. Mark T. Barclay, founder and president of SMTI located in Midland, Michigan.

You will receive a notebook, outlines, and books to assist you in the ministry, as well as Spirit-filled Bible teaching to equip you for the move of God today. You will be guided, encouraged, and challenged by the staff. You will be practically and spiritually equipped for the ministry you are called to.

For more information on each year’s courses, continue reading below. You can also contact the church office at 310-539-9096.

course one: supernatural helps

This class is designed to build character, help define and perfect the call of God on an individual’s life, and develop supportive ministries in the local church. The curriculum contains over 80 teachings including the following titles:

  • Personal Management
  • Bible Ways to Perfect Your Ministry
  • Managing People Biblically
  • Seven Bible Ways to Properly Relate to Your Pastor
  • The Making of a Man of God
  • The Heart of an Armorbearer

course two: ministerial practicalities

This course will provide practical training on the local church, administration, legalities, ceremonies, executive ethics, and wisdom to perform with excellence in the ministry. The curriculum includes the following titles:

  • Personal Discipline
  • How to Avoid Shipwreck
  • Excellence in Ministry
  • The Role of the Pastor
  • Sheep – Goats – Wolves

course three: advanced survival techniques

This course is specifically designed to help the end-time leaders and believers in dealing with the crucial matters of life and ministry. The curriculum includes the following titles:

  • Handling Stress, Pressures, and Troubles
  • Warring Mental Warfare and Satan’s Strongholds
  • Staying out of Sin
  • What to Do When You Want to Quit

about mark barclay

Mark T. Barclay – a voice and not an echo – is a forerunner to the Church of the last days. He is bringing a message of hope, righteousness, and revival to the remnant Church (those Christians still in active service of the Lord).

He is known as a Preacher of Righteousness as he travels worldwide, fortifying the Church for the climax of the ages and bringing a move of the Spirit to all people of this generation.

Many pastors and Gospel leaders consider him a mentor or a pastor to pastors. He has authored many books challenging God’s people to live right in these awesome last days.

He is president and founder of Mark Barclay Ministries, Supernatural Ministries Training Institute, Mark Barclay Publications, Righteous Preacher’s Network (a network of ministers), and Living Word Church, located in Midland Michigan, USA.

more information

I.C.C.’s video school program is held under the direct supervision of Pastor Kenny Gatlin in a classroom setting. Video Schools require a host pastor and a minimum of seven students. Classes meet on Sunday nights for three one-hour teachings.